Thursday, Feb 07, 2013

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Moody Blues

At Stacy Garcia, we love blue and this February, we are loving it even more. We are currently fixated on Moody Blues, a mix of Mid-tone blues, denim, and tones of blue grey.

Image by Stacy Garcia Inc.

An introspective, sincere, honest blue, Moody Blues is a confident, reliable color choice that we are pining for. This trend is influenced by recent shifts in fashion. From indigo to faded blue, denim addresses a demand for a balance of fashion and function.

Moody Blues personality
Image Courtesy: Kyle Johnson

Moody Blues is a versatile color choice and here are 3 ways to romance Moody Blues:

1. Casually date. It is okay to have fun with this hue. 
      Stacy Garcia Moody Blues Tip 1
Image Courtesy: House Beautiful

2. Pay a compliment. Moody Blues warms up with pale pink's sweet words.
Image Courtesy: SCHomeDesign:

3. Make a commitment. Don't be afraid to invest in a statement piece. 
      Stacy Garcia Moody Blues tip 3
Image Courtesy:

Be Mine, Moody Blues.

Image Courtesy: Lisa Jordan:

Happy Valentine's Day!

To see more Moody Blues check out our Color of the Month Board on Pinterest.



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