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  • Canyon Road

    A contemporary take on the deep-rooted culture of the American Southwest, this collection is filled with intricate woven, ikat, and worn textures, as well as a patchwork of structured geometrics and dynamic paisleys. A collection for the nomadic spirit, set off into the sunset on Canyon Road.


  • Camp Revamp

    Inspired by naive imagery and shocking excess, Camp Revamp delivers a rebellious sophistication. Blurring the lines between kitsch and high art, this collection mixes humorous aesthetics. Lose all inhibition and head over to Camp Revamp.

  • Mid-Century Ideal

    Mid-Century Ideal is a Nod to Mod, an idealized version of what the 1950s and 60s were like. We want to be unplugged and reconnect with our values.

  • Acid Hip

    Rebellious and bold, Acid Hip is turning up the volume. This collection features dynamic color blocking, geometric grids and unexpected juxtapositions.

  • Subtleties

    Subtleties focuses on simple and reclaimed elements. Within this trend, minimalist pieces have a surprising impact and weathered textures add character.

  • Wild Corners

    Adventurous. Tribal. Indigenous. Wild Corners takes you for a trip around the globe with woven structures, tribal patterns, and exotic florals.

  • Speakeasy

    Influenced by the luxury, decadence and lavish self-indulgence of the Roaring 20s, Speakeasy draws inspiration from New York landmarks, bringing crisp symmetry and industrial angles of Art Deco style to life.

  • Dark Fairytale

    Mysterious and sensual, theatrical and staged, Dark Fairytale is inspired by our desire to escape. 

  • Enchanted Garden

    A delightful movement of swirls and fanciful tones, Enchanted Garden is a trend that will charm you.

  • Femme Fatale

    Seductive & alluring, Femme Fatale is meant to appeal to the senses. Imagine wrapping yourself in the finest silks and cashmeres. Filled with deep, sensual hues for a touch of mystery. 


  • Simple Pleasures

    A lifestyle trend that relates to our increased desire to connect with nature, appreciate our planet, and enjoy unscheduled time. Interpreted in rich, harvest colors with organic motifs.

  • Yacht Club

    The relaxed, but fashionable, high-class traveler sets sail on a journey of ocean colors and sun-drenched hues and is witness to shore-side activities and an endless row of cabana stripes. 

  • CollectionX

    Stacy Garcia introduces Collection X; modern classics fuse with contemporary designs to achieve a collection defined by mid-century modern urban luxury.

  • Fashionista

    The Fashionista collection is inspired by a true trendsetter's ability to mix and match. Like any well-dressed fashionista, the collection plays with layers of popular patterns and colors.


  • Nuance

    Refined neutrals and gorgeous texture inspired by natural structures and beautiful subtleties -- whether it’s light reflecting off a rock or wind blowing patterns into the sand. It’s about paying attention to what’s happening around us.


  • Nouveau Boho

    Inspired by fashion and journey. Nouveau Boho features gorgeous texture, alluring color and distinctive layered motifs – paired unexpectedly to embrace the free spirit in all of us.


You Make Me Blush

We’ve been flirting for a while now so it should come as no surprise, that we too have fallen in love with blush tones and cosmetic hues. "You Make Me Blush" is a sophisticated, sensitive and soft cosmetic pink.

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